What is it?

Obesity refers to the excessive amount of fat in the body, which not only affects the appearance, but more seriously, it can also harm our health. The World Health Organization has classified obesity as a “disease” because obesity can cause many ailments.

Obesity has already been a global issue and is spreading at an even faster rate in Asia. According to the Demographic Health Survey of the Department of Health, about 50% of adults in Hong Kong are overweight or obese.

How is obesity diagnosed?


Body Fat Percentage

Represents the ratio of body fat mass to overall body weight

The body fat percentage index given by the Hong Kong Association For The Study Of Obesity for Asian adults:

Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) is a technique utilized by many body fat meters on the market. The body fat meter uses a weak current to pass through the human body. Since muscle tissue (more moisture content) conducts well, while adipose tissue (less moisture content) conducts poorly, the fat and muscle content is therefore measured and calculated.


Body Mass Index (BMI)

Calculates the ratio of height and weight

BMI index given by the World Health Organization (WHO) for Asian adults:

Calculation formula:

BMI = Weight (kg) / Height² (m²)



Able to indicate the extent of abdominal fat accumulation (central obesity)

Waistline indicators given by the World Health Organization (WHO) for Asian adults:

  1. Keep breathing naturally and place the measuring tape around the waist accurately when you exhale
  2. The measurement position is based on the horizontal line between the bottom edge of the last rib and the top of the ilium
  3. Avoid squeezing abdominal tissue, record in centimeters

BMI calculator

BMI Calculator


單位 Unit of measurement *


過輕 Underweight

體重正常 Healthy weight

過重 Overweight

肥胖 Obese

Why suffer from obesity?

There are many factors that contribute to obesity, including:

Does obesity affect health?

Obesity can lead to many health problems, and studies have shown that mortality increases with the extent of obesity. Listed below are diseases or health problems that obesity may result in:

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